Sunday, May 08, 2016

Bahay Kubo, Filipino food haven in Jakarta

Food is a always a big consideration wherever you go. And for someone living in a different country you have to get used to the cuisine the country has to offer. Lucky if you do, oh well if you don't. For us Filipinos overseas (and I think for everyone) it's normal to crave for your usual go to food like adobo, sinigang, lechon kawali, tinola and so on... Oh and of course the ultimate fast food favorite Jollibee. So whenever you hear there's a pinoy restaurant openning in town, wherever you are for sure you'll be thrilled! (Especially if it's Jollibee, it'll be more than thrilled.)

It's been a month since a friend of mine told us about this small eatery called Bahay Kubo in West Jakarta. It's located in Puri Park View Apartment at Jalan Pesangrahan. Needles to say they have a very friendly and at home atmosphere, a very Filipino culture. I like how they try to accommodate and take note of the customer's feed back. They have different menu everyday, mostly the ones that are common like sinigang, inihaw na liempo, lechon kawali, longanisa and more. I know by experience that when you open a restaurant that serves food from a different country/place they tend to be pricey. But here in Bahay Kubo, you'll get your money's worth in a reasonable price.

For someone who gets excited with food, it's hard for me to choose sometimes on their menu. But I personally like their lechon kawali and inihaw na liempo, and longanisa, and ginisang upo, and sinigang.... and the list goes on.....

Like a typical Filipino place, they are very welcoming. Sometimes, if you are in luck there's a jamming session where somebody will be playing the guitar and  you can join and sing! We love to sing, so people at Puri Park, get used to it. This is actually my first time to meet as much Filipinos (aside from some people at my work place) in Jakarta since I got here. So if you are actually new in town and you want to know some other kababayans, this is a good place to hangout and meet other Filipinos. 

It's good to know that there's a place you can go to in Jakarta when you are craving for something Filipino. Not only for food but also for good company. 

So wherever you are in Jakarta, drop by at Bahay Kubo to enjoy the food and the crowd!

Ramen? Try Marutama Ra-Men

I am not so much of a ramen fan. I love Japanese food but ramen is not on the top of my list. A friend of mine introduced this place to me called Marutama Ra-Men that serves mostly ramen in Plaza Senayan. This is probably the only place (so far) for me that I will consider and enjoy eating ramen. It's good, the noodles taste's fresh and the serving is up for the price. Another plus factor is that they serve pork here, so it really makes a difference. It may seem to be a bit pricey at first if you check on their menu but as soon as our orders were delivered, each ramen bowl has generous amount or serving. The taste and the price is actually worth your money! So if you are looking for a good ramen place in Jakarta, include Marutama Ra-Men on your list of places to visit. 

Sorry, this is our before eating photo so no food yet.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

OFW Diaries: When you're away..

Almost 2 years na akong wala sa Pinas' at hindi naman ako masyadong nalulungkot. Pero syempre nakakamiss pa din yung mga bagay na nakasanayan mo na.

Siguro masasabi ko na maswerte ako dahil nag desisyon akong umalis na ang iniisip ko lang eh yung sarili ko (ang selfish pakinggan diba? haha!) at walang kailangan buhayin na pamilya. So basically more on personal development. (totoo yun, promise!) Madami akong natutunan at patuloy na natututo sa mga nangyayari araw-araw habang nasa malayo ako. May mga bagay na madaling matutunan, at may mga bagay na kailangan mong gustuhing matutunan kasi ikaw lang mag-isa lalo na nasa ibang lugar ka na may sariling kultura at salita.

Pero alam mo kung anong pinaka mahirap? Yung nasa malayo ka tapos malalaman mo na isa sa pamilya/kamag-anak mo eh nag kasakit or may problema or pinaka masaklap eh pumanaw na..... Yung pakiramdam na wala kang magawa kasi nasa malayo ka. Ang sakit lang sa puso na wala ka sa tabi nila para makiramay o maalagaan sila kasi hindi lang isang taxi or bus ang katapat para makapunta ka kung nasaan sila. Yung lungkot kasi ikaw lang mag isa at kailangan mo mag condition ng pakiramdam mo na parang wala lang pero pag tapos ng araw eh maiiyak ka na lang kasi nga nasa malayo ka at hindi mo sila madamayan. Maswerte ka kung makakauwi ka kaagad. Eh pano kung hindi pwede kasi may mga kailangan ayusin muna sa trabaho?! Ofw diaries na lang talaga... 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Love curry? Try Go Curry!

I always enjoy a good curry and biryani rice (chicken or lamb) and yesterday I tried this place called Go Curry! in Pacific Place mall. Basically the menu is all about curry. There are also some pasta in the selection but just a few. The food tasted really good! The serving was also in generous amount (unless you eat a lot.) Will definitely be back here. Price wise, I think it's a bit pricey but never the less they serve good curry! And the servers are also very polite and accomodating. 

(My almost finish chicken biryani)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Out and about: Yogyakarta, Food is not only cheap BUT awesome!

When it comes to traveling, food is also another reason why people visit/recommend a place and Yogyakarta offers good food with affordable price. If you have 100,000 idr (more or less $10) it can last you for almost a week... Although it depends on your eating habit of course. But because the food here is cheap, you don't need to worry about food budget. I was so surprised the first time, a simple nasi ayam meal only cost me around 8000 idr (less that $1) but if I was to order same food in Jakarta it would be around 15000-20000 idr. See the big difference?!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Out and about: The beauty of Yogyakarta

Here are some snippets of Yogyakarta. Pictures from my phone.

You can see a lot of street art when you walk around.
Underground tunnel in Water Castle
Prambanan temple
Borobudur Temple. Inside are Buddhas

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A place to stay in Jogja? Edu Hostel!

If you are looking for a place to stay in Jogja, here's why you should choose Edu Hostel:

  • This is probably one of the nicest hostel I've stayed in so far. For the price of 80,000 idr or $6 per night for a bunk bed and free breakfast, this place is worth it! Edu Hostel offers comfortable dorm style room (max of 6 person) for a reasonable price. 
  • They have regular walking tour every Friday.
    A short history about the city and the famous kampung for batik making.
  • The room is clean, with comfortable beds, locker room per provided per guest, one toilet and one bathroom with two shower room inside (liquid soap and shampoo included with a dispenser). There's cleaning services everyday as well. For guests who will be staying longer days they offer laundry services (I think it's for free)
Common area where guests can use computers for free.
  • The place is well positioned near Malioboro, Kraton Palace, Taman Sari, Taman Pintar and other must see places inside the city. So you can walk your way around just make sure your have a bottle of water with you especially in the morning... This place can be really hot!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Let's go visiting: Jogjakarta (Yogyakarta)

(I'll be writing in bullet form so it will be easier... For me. Haha!)

Here's some of the things I learned, my insight and some history about Yogyakarta:

• Jogjakarta or Yogyakarta, is the southern part of Central Java. I've always been confused whether it's called Jogjakarta or Yogyakarta. But according to Wikipedia (thank you) and the people I spoken to here, the name of the place is Yogyakarta but Jogja or Jogjakarta is also correct.. Since it's more known as Jogja.
At the museum.. Yeah here's my parents, grandparents and great grandparents..
And what happened to me?! hahaha

• If you want to see Javanese culture, then I suggest you visit this place. Although I haven't been to a lot of places yet here in Indonesia (this island is actually really big... Biggest archipelago country that's why) but here in Jogja you can actually see Javanese art, culture and way of life everywhere. Especially if you want to buy good batik design, here is the place to be.

At the hostel, on our first day. Making some notes while relaxing.
* We went here by train. The train ride took 7 hours (for eksekutif type.) It was comfy, cold, with blanket and pillow. Aaaaaand for a cheap price of 600,000 idr or $45 round trip. Not bad at all.

Shopping at Malrioboro. 

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Thank's to Marks & Spencer

When you live alone you get to do things on your own. House cleaning, laundry, doing the grocery, cooking and the list goes on.... Most of the time or almost all the time you do it on your own,  the term called responsible adult. Simply because no one else will do it for you. But you can also pay someone to do it if you are feeling cheeky and very very lazy. 

Cooking is not one of my forte. I can cook when I am really in the mood but when you are living alone, cooking can be boring and most of the time it's either not enough or too much for you to eat. Cooking for someone is always better. :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

One Year of BIG Changes

Today marks my one year here in Indonesia!

How does it make me feel?!

Well everything seems so fast for me when I moved here. I can't believe that I've been living and working here for one year now. I don't like Indonesia and I don't hate it either BUT I like the fact that I'm living here on my own and experiencing new things that helps me learn about myself more. I still think that I made the right decision of moving out (probably one of the best decision I ever made so far) of my comfort zone and exploring new possibilities and testing boundaries. 

Living alone in a foreign country is not that easy that's why I am very much thankful to those people I met who made this "adventure" of mine bearable and fun. Making new friends and important life decisions...... So adult! 

The first year was full of lessons and life changing outlook. Looking forward to another year of more adventures, lessons and more of everything! 

(More updates next time. I have A LOT of pending posts but as you can see....I am very lazy to update. But hopefully SOON)

Monday, August 17, 2015

The 24 hours challenge

I was talking to a friend the other night and he challenged me to stay disconnected and be in the real world for 24 hours. Didn't really give it that much thought and I immediately agreed to it. Sounds easy anyway, 24 hours doesn't seem to be long so yeah why not!

Since we are now in a very modern day where everyone is connected through the internet and we can't seem to let go of it even for just a second, one whole day of rest from it sounds like a lot for many of us. Some would say that it's easy, that they can stay disconnected for a couple of days BECAUSE for certain reasons like no reception, busy from work, travel and so on. But I tell you, it's different when you stay off the radar because you wanted it. Taking it out of your daily routine makes a big difference. While everyone around you is so engrossed with their phones and checking social media or chatting with their friends online, you are just sitting there with your phone turned off while waiting for your friends to show up.. (crossing fingers nobody cancelled the lunch meeting) I am connected online 24/7 especially now that I am away from home. It's the fastest way (and cheaper too) to talk to my family and friends from different parts of the world. So this "break" is going to be fun.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Buhay OFW

I've been hearing these "sentiments" ever since from my fellow kababayan. I do understand what it feels like ever since and now that I am also outside I can really see their point. I'm not saying I have the rights to say this now because I am considered an OFW but let me share this to you. From first hand experience. (I know a lot of you read an article similar to this already. We don't really mean to stress it out but I think it's best that we do it sometimes.


I for one wanted something new where I will learn to go beyond what I can. Exploring my limit and maybe trying to go further if possible. For others, it's mainly because they want to provide for their family. So they try their luck outside the country and do their best to give their families back home a kind of life where they won't have a hard time especially if they have kids. We didn't work abroad to escape our responsibilities in the Philippines.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Warung Sate Karjan, The BEST SATE!!

Since we don't know the place, we tried googling some good restaurants or places to eat near our hotel. We saw Warung Sate Karjan on the list of good places to eat in Bandung and since we were up for a sate we decided to head there without thinking twice. It's easy to locate since it's in just right across Hilton Hotel. It was also not hard to find as the taxi drivers seems to be very familiar with the place. 

Warung Sate Karjan looks very simple. Not actually a restaurant (that's why they called it warung)but just a simple eatery. The place looks old already and if I remember it correctly it's been there for 50+ years. We had 3 orders of sate kambing and one order of soto kambing. I can say that it's the best sate I ever tasted here in Indonesia! The meat was well marinated and the peanut sauce was super good! And to our surprise, everything we ordered only costs around 50,000 idr ($3.86) for the both of us already! It was really cheap but very delicious! Enak sekali!!! They even gave us some fresh vegetable salad with some good dressing. This place is worth it!

I would go back here for sure if ever I spend a weekend here again in Bandung!

Titserysa's grade: A+

Let's Go Visiting: Bandung

I've been to Bandung twice, the first time was to party (yeah, went all the way there just to do that) but I enjoyed my second trip more because I was able to go around the city. Getting there was easy since there are several shuttle around Jakarta going to Bandung, all you have to do is to look for a terminal nearest you. I took Day Trans in Senayan City, they have shuttle leaving every hour (I just don't know what time do they start.) There are other shuttle service you can take like Cipaganti, Cititrans and mmore.

Bandung is very popular for a weekend getaway for people who lives in Jakarta. It's more or less 3 hours away by car or you can take the train if you want a no traffic travel. I love the environment in Bandung. The weather is a bit cooler compared to Jakarta, the streets are less busy, cheaper and it's a walkable place. I heard there are places to visit there like the volcano and kawa putih but we were not able to go. Instead we walked around and explored the city. 

Since we only have the weekend to go exploring we walked around as much as we can. We stayed in Fave Hotel in Cihampelas area. Very accessible to the mall and there were a few bars down the street. The hotel was clean, nice and classy for a reasonable price and their breakfast selection was also good. We went to Braga street to check out some bars and there were a lot of places to go to. Depending on your mood, you can go to a bar that plays classic 80's rock songs or an r&b bar. Bandung has this policy about selling beers only up to a certain time. So after 2am you have no where to go if you still want to drink. The fun part is that we met a lot of people there who were traveling as well. We ended up enjoying the night as one big group sharing stories and numbers so we can all keep in touch.

Would definitely go back here for another weekend!

(Sorry I don't have a picture of the place. I was too busy going around and meeting people.) 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Let's go visiting: Batu Karas, Pangandaran

(I have a lot of pending post..... This one is the most recent trip I made.)

I was invited by a friend for vacation in Pangadaran, Batu Karas. Since it's our term break I decided to go there and explore the beauty of Indonesia. Going there gave me three options: going there by plane would cost a bit much plus the airport is a bit far from where I am suppose to go. Going there by train would take longer because of the schedule but the fare is more reasonable. And the last one, is going there by bus, cheapest but would require you to sit for about 8-9 hours depending on the traffic. Having that feeling of adventure I decided to take the bus. Do it hardcore!

Going around this country, if you will not always opt to taking the most convenient way of traveling is a bit tricky. Looking for information online is a bit hard too (in my opinion) since I find very little site that contribute to information about how to and where. Plus most of them, if you find any is written in bahasa.

So I went to Kampung Rambutan bus station (thank you very much to my coworker who helped me get there) to take Gapuraning Rahayu (95,000idr or $7). When I arrived, there were several busses lined up going to different places and the bus conductors were all over the place asking every person they see where they are going. I was a bit worried at first since my bahasa skills are still very limited and I mostly know the basic ones. Good thing it was enough for me to find the bus and they were nice enough to help me out and understand my broken bahasa. (lol)

Traveling from Jakarta to Pangandaran took me 8 hours on the road. It was a smooth trip with no traffic since I took the night trip to avoid traffic. Although I would also love to do some sight seeing  while traveling, knowing how notorious the traffic here is I decided against it.

I arrived around 3 am in Pangandaran. My friend advised me to take the bemo going to Cijulan. Apparently it was too early and the only available ride I have is to take an ojek (that's what they call motorbike is used as public transportation.) I am very much not into riding ojek because I am not convinced enough that it's safe (lol) BUT do I have a choice!? Well yes actually. I can wait till around 7 am for the bemo to be available. So what will I do from 3am to 7am while waiting there in the station?! I know I was sort of feeling adventurous so I decided to take the ojek and not wait there anymore. Thank God it was a good ride. Good but freaking cold ride!

Batu Karas is a very simple relaxed place. Perfect place to spend some lazy time especially when you are staying in a very busy city like Jakarta. The beach is very chill and perfect for novice surfers since the waves are not too strong. But you have to rent a motorbike if you want to go around because that's the only means of transportation there unless you have your own car. The accommodation is also very affordable if you are going to those home stay places. We got our room for only 80,000 idr per night ($6). For a fan room with toilet inside the room it was well worth it! Plus there is a common kitchen if in case you want to cook your food.

The best part was when we visited bulak pantai beach. About 40 minutes away from batu karas with a motorbike. The waves there are bigger and stronger so if you want better waves then go here. We followed the beach trail and we end up in a sort of hidden spot. An awesome spot for a very lazy uninterrupted day at the beach. No cellphone reception and very remote place. Plus the view was amazing!

It was a well worth it adventure! More places to visit! :)

Here are some photos of the place. Enjoy! :)

Me, my friend and the owner of the place we stayed in. Thank you! :)